quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2019

The path - O caminho

The guide warned me: stay behind and close. And I agreed.
We started to walk when was dark, so soon in the morning. A complete and deep silence was around, like underneath the water. No light, too
I could feel his presence by the sounds of his movements.
He suddenly stopped and his left hand touched me in my chest, while the other was holding the lighter.
“The path”, he said – “I can’t understand. It’s over. How could it happen?”
“What do you mean”, I asked.
“The path, the path that has been my path for all these years. Disappeared! Simply that!. He was astonished, looking for the track pointing the lighter erratically in the dark.
It was curious, because the track was well marked in the ground and at this point was a tree, rocks nearby, and nothing else.
My guide transformed into a little lost boy, who could start to cry at any moment.
“We can just go back”, I said.
“You don’t remember what I told you in the beginning, do you?”, I heard.
“What?” I asked again, and now I was feeling bad, too. A weird sensation, deep and subtle.
He left under a discreet shadow of cynicism: “Oh, boy... why don’t you ever hear me?”
He set on a stone that was beside and put the light on me, making me blind for a few seconds.
As I got lost, feeling unsafe and threatened, he tried to calm me down:
“Listen, please! As I said in the beginning of this journey, this track is a way to our dreams. It can be good or not, but if we really don’t know about our wills and wishes, or we don’t accept them, we better stay awake. It’s your trip, my boy. You choose. Will you dream and move on in this journey or you prefer to stay awake, blinded by the light of the reality?”